Greg Stewart "Stewie"

The trip to Science City was incredible. Imagine 127 girls who probably have never seen a movie before sitting in a huge dome theater. The entire ceiling is the movie screen and the film is bigger than life. Every image was met with screams of excitement and huge applause. They were so excited to see everything. I missed my own kids and thought about how excited they get about new things. But this was different, a different kind of excitement, a different type of opportunity. Like seeing the world with new eyes.

After the movie we took the girls into the belly of the beast. The dinosaur mouth opened into a lifelike animated exhibit about dinosaurs and evolution. I think it was kind of scary for them. I wondered if we should have told them the dinosaurs weren’t real. There were a couple of times the animations moved and scared the girls and they jumped back haunted house style. I saw the look in their eyes they were surprised. Then they laughed.

The day was topped off by a walking tour of Baruipur with Mimi to buy the YMAD boys some traditional Indian pants. Talk about a bunch of girls. I’ve never seen tough high school boys so excited to buy pants. “Should I get the red ones too!” “I’m going to get like five pairs!” “Guys, am I rockin this pair?”