Greg Davis

Today was a great day in our village. We were able to do some basic medical exams on the 40+ children. They were all pretty healthy. In the beginning of the medical exams I was getting everyone’s name for the medical record. I came across one girl that I was able to get here name right the first time. Her name was Baby. She is a 14 years old. She looks like she would be 10-11 years old. She was probably the shyest girl out of the 40 girls. She would just smile and giggle every time we said something to her. Later in the day we were walking thru the village to try and determine what projects we were going to accomplish while we are here. We ended up meeting Baby’s mom. Mimi (our translator) told us that her family was too poor to pay for her to go to a private school and they could not even afford the Public school. I asked some additional questions and soon found out that the Public School cost 25 rupees a month. This is equal to about 45 cents in the US. I also found out that Baby works every month to earn this so that she can go to school and get an education. This was very humbling to me to know that this family could not even pay to get their daughter an education. The mother was so thankful to the school and the program to accept Baby at the low charge. The mother said it was nice because the school supplies two meals a day which helps out in lowering the living cost for the family. I was humbled today and had to think of all the great things that I have been blessed with. We have so much to be grateful for.

-Greg Davis