Greetings Americans!!!!!!

Greetings Americans!!!!!! Wow! India is so very crazy and mind blowing!!! It is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and is very hard to explain. It is kind of different to see cows, dogs, and humans digging through trash and four people riding on one motorcycle with a baby. Also the driving here is INSANE but luckily I have learned to have lots and lots of faith in our drivers. But anyways….let’s chat about these amazing children!!!! The kids have been amazing and it sounds so cliché, but they have really taught me so much. I don’t know how it is possible that I can love these kids so much, after having known them for only five days. From the very first time we met them they were so sweet and truly loved us, not caring about how we looked, where we came from, and all the material things that seem to matter so much in America. They call all of the girls in my group dd (what a great attempt at Hindi) which means sister. J I am amazed by how smart they are and how much they want to learn. They totally look out for us and get us chairs to sit in and help to clean up after our lessons. On the very first day in the school we were playing a pretty intense game of duck duck goose and I tripped a couple of times and got a couple of stitches in my knee. That made things exciting! The English lessons have been a bit difficult at times and not my very favorite thing to do in this world, but it is so very worth it just looking at those beautiful faces!! I don’t know how we got such a dashing group of Indian kiddos!!!!! It is so crazy that tomorrow is the last day with our kidlets! Time has flown wayyyy too fast and saying bye to them is going to be a horrible scene. Everyday after we play with the kids at the ashram (most of the kids that are at our school go to go to the ashram after school is done) they say kalamalengay…which means “See you tomorrow?” So far I have been able to answer yes to them that we would be seeing them the next day, but tomorrow I won’t be able to say that.  The tears will definitely be a-streaming!!!! Those kids are truly amazing and I want to be just like them when I grow up!!! We got our Indian outfits today, which was lots of fun!!! I feel like a true Indian now!!! Oh and happy late Thanksgiving to everyone! Hopefully you enjoyed some good turkey/tofurkey and realized how much you have to be thankful for!! Don’t let gratitude be something you only think about on Thanksgiving!! Be grateful everyday, smile lots and lots, and just love everybody. A lot. And you should be set to go! Stay briiiiinnnnggg my friends, stay briiiiinnnnnng!

Love Kayla Stockwell