Blake Jensen

The trip has been so great, all the youth have been so great you would be proud of each and every one of them. I’ve seen each of them do many great things, and it has been so fun watching them with the children in the schools they work in. They are such a great team of youth!! I had an opportunity to talk with the local private high school principle and a number of their teachers, sharing with them the work the youth performed to come to India and work with the rural communities, it was fun to see the amazement on their faces as they understood the personal commitment, work, and planning they had put in to come on this trip. They had expected that the parents would have provided all the funding for this experience, when I shared that the youth provided ways to obtain the majority of the funding for this excursion, they were amazed at the dedication and the desire they each have to make a difference in their area here in India. I also spent time with the General Manager of the power facility we are staying in, a very large facility, he also expressed his amazement that your youth would spend the time to come help the rural youth, he expressed a real desire to have his son involved with your youth. They all are able to see the great leaders they are, the light they bring, and the service they are rendering.
It’s such fun to be around this great country with your great youth! Thanks for allowing your sons and daughters to come and experience this wonderful country and culture, their lives are changing and I have seen them grow closer together then they were when we left. They are all WONDERFUL!!!!!