Gratitude: Addy Cragun

Thank you to our driver for never crashing on the crazy Indian roads. (P.S. mom you would have a heart attack if you drove here) Thank you to our cook (Abajit?) and the village people for giving me food I would NEVER eat if I were home. (You should all be proud of me)

Thank you to the airport for losing my luggage and deciding that they are just going to keep it.

Thank you to Tori for adopting me, as I have no clothes.

Thank you to the girls for teaching me more Bengali than I’m teaching them English. (jk but still)

Thank you for the children who never let go of me.

Thank you to all the kids who have nothing, but still want to give me all they have.

Thank you to the Indian people who treat us like Gods just for being here.

Thank you for all the blessings from the village people (and flowers and food).

Thank you for my red feet.

Thank you to Mina for telling off the Toto driver that got us lost in INDIA.

Thank you to all our leaders for being our moms on this trip. (Yes even Dave, Steve x 2, and Nick)

Thank you for the kids who wear the same outfit everyday and make me grateful for everything I have.

Thank you for the boogers on my scarf.

Thank you to Dr. Steve for giving me a little taste of America (Sprite).

Thank you for the shower I have at home so I don’t have to bathe in a pond.

Thank you for the children in our village that sing to us every morning and make me cry.


Thank you to the party bus thing that woke all the girls up at 4 in the morning with flashing lights and blaring music.

And most of all thank you to India for becoming my new home cause I’m not coming back to America, sorry mom and dad.


Addy Cragun