Goodbyes - Janessa Bond

Goodbyes- Janessa Bond Goodbyes are never easy, no matter what the situation is. But today’s wasn’t like anything I ever could’ve imagined. Saying goodbye to children who have such a strong hold on your heart and knowing you will probably never see them again, knowing you can’t protect them anymore and won’t be able to see what they become is absolutely heartbreaking. All I can do is hope that I’ve left as big of a dent on their hearts as they’ve left on mine. I pray that we’ve given them the skills and tools they need to succeed and helped them to see their potential and to light a spark for them to carry on their education and make something of themselves.

Either way… they’ve changed me so much more than I ever anticipated… I love them, not just the oh ya.. they’re cool. I really don’t want to live without them. They’re the most amazing and strong kids I’ve ever met. I know it sounds cheesy and cliché, but they have truly left footprints on my heart, ones that will never be washed away. I know that they will always be with me.

Pictures: Me and Akashi, me and my little boy Akas.

Ami tomaka salo basi (I love you)