Good Morning from India!

The commercial comes on the TV with the sad child in ragged clothes saying, “Donate, save a life.” Yes, people should donate and it can save a life, but those pathos adds of heartbreaking faces were not apparent at the school yesterday. The kids sit on their concrete school floor; the sun their roof. In the morning it is a little chilly, but by noon the sun warms up. Their smiles eager to learn. We start teaching them and they amaze us with how brilliant they are. There is the language barrier but they doesn’t stop us from connecting. The kids are so happy and loveable! My jaw was sore from smiling yesterday. Theses kids are adorable! I am leaving in a few minutes and can’t wait for day two!



Family, I love and miss you! Hope you are all doing well! Haha Kirst, I agree with you about the squatters!