Girls Night Out – Sarah Koelliker

Tonight the girls and Steve went out for some shopping when we got back from school. As we walked through town we kept our arms linked with a buddy and had the translators lead the way while Steve brought up the back. By the time we got to the main road we had a whole crowd of men following up the back and plenty more on the sides starring at us. We were directed not to talk to them and did our best to look straight ahead. I think most of us felt very uncomfortable however extremely popular at the same time. When we reached the fabric store there was barley enough room for us to all fit in and as picky and impatient as we all are we made a disaster out of the store tearing a majority of the fabrics off the shelves and onto the floor. The workers were overwhelmed to say the least and after an hour of chaos we finally made our way out. The second store went the exact same way, messes and yelling ha! ha! (Yes! Yes!) I don’t think that we gave Americans a very good reputation tonight but we all ended up happy with our purchases and managed to make it home without anyone getting hit by a car or taken by an Indian man. India is surreal the people and the scenery are incredible and the opportunity we have to jump right into their culture is amazing.  Today at the boarding school my favorite little girl sang me a song when I was leaving that said, “Hey you listen to me you are my love tell it to me” then she kissed me on the check and said see you tomorrow. The amount of joy and love these kids have is remarkable. We have known them for only two days now and they tell us that we are their very best friends. I love it here! So many experiences that I will never forget. So far everyone is healthy and happy! Love and miss you all! xoxo