Gimme Morange

Gimme Morange (aka.the orange team) went to Koch Pukur. The drive to the village was somewhat interesting with the small dirt track just about wide enough to take the car. Often there were times where we thought it would tip into the lovely water at the side of the road. Luckily we manged to make it there safe and sound every time. The team did a great job and worked really hard teaching the lessons to the village school students. They all worked hard and we had many laughs throughout the days at the village. Whether it was from Abigail fearing for her life every trip to the village or Jeff holding his nose until he nearly passed out during head, shoulders knees and toes. I was so excited to see all the preparation from the past year get put to use. The village kids loved the lessons and the teens did a great job even though at times they were tired.

Our interpreter Mirnal was really excited about the work that the teens were doing too. Mirnal was in charge of an after school program and recorded many videos of the teens as he loved the methods that they were using.

After school we would do a village tour where we would go around to many houses to visit with the families. Izzy probably ate around 45 coconuts throughout the week. Mirnal would always point out that she loved it so much which was fine with the rest of us....... Marissa was so much fun she would pretty much try anything that was put in front of her by the people. It did come at a price...... However, she didn't turn down one challenge from the boys. What a woman!

Tanner, Seira and Sam (Skiddy) were great too. They worked really hard with the kids and kept Gimmie Morange laughing a lot! We had a lot of fun, taught some great lessons and our hearts will always be with those kids in Koch Pukur.

I love you guys!