Getting To India - Scott Moffitt

Scott's Photo After 50 hours of traveling we have finally made it to India! It was a rough couple days getting here, but it was full of funny and memorable moments. Probably the top of the list was what I’m going to call the “duffle bag disaster” that happened when we got to New Delhi. Nobody was very optimistic about how many bags were going to make it to India, but we were surprised to find that most of them were there to meet us at the baggage claim. We put the bags on carts, somehow just nonchalantly strode through customs without really doing anything and waited in the airport for a few hours. When it was time to head up to check in for our next flight, we had to go up two levels to get to the check in counter. The airport had this great set up which was a moving sidewalk that was inclined so it would take you up a floor. We loaded up the carts with our 20 something duffle bags and started the ascent. Unfortunately there was a curve half way up each level where you had to exit the moving sidewalk and walk to the next one. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? Except when all your bags fall off the cart and cause a traffic jam… So Justin and Tyler were pushing a cart with probably 6 bags and they were approaching the exit point when suddenly things got off balance and the cart tipped. Chaos ensued. The bags kept moving and stopped at the end of the walkway while everyone else kept moving towards them. Justin just ran away laughing as it was too much to handle as he watched confused Indian people getting caught up in the bags, along with all us white kids scrambling to clean it up. More people and bags came only causing a bigger roadblock, and everyone was tripping over the bags as they trip to get through the roadblock. I tried to help but I was laughing too hard! Some Indians helped us get the bags moved to the side, and life in the New Delhi airport resumed to normal, but that dramatic scene (along with the WONDERFUL smell that attacked my nostrils when they opened the plane…) will always been my first memory of India.