Getting Jibhi With It!--Daniel's Team

Daniel 1 Daniel 2 Daniel 3 Daniel 4Today was our second day at the school. The Jibhi school has really been a wonderful experience for all of us. There are about 45 kids in the school and they are always so excited to see us each morning. Our morning begins with a short hike from our camp up a rock staircase on the side of the mountain. The kids finish their morning prayers and we divide them into groups based on their grade. There are six teens that teach each day and one team leader; each group consists of 6-9 students. One of the things that the kids love most about Chandler is his hair. They love his headband that he wears and love to tease him. Chandler is very compassionate with the kids and you can tell that he truly loves teaching them. The kids also love Chandler because he has a way of making them learn as they laugh.

The kids love doing activities with Andrew because he is very patient with them and makes a special effort to help the kids fully understand the lesson he is teaching. He is soft spoken and gentle, even when the kids are rowdy. He makes it very obvious to the kids that he loves spending time with them.

One of the things that the kids love most about Emma is her excited personality. She is always happy and exudes a fun attitude with the kids as they participate in different activities. She makes any lesson that she teaches dynamic for the age group she is teaching.

Austin is the friendly giant of the group. The kids laugh as he curls them like a dumbbell when they hang from his forearm. He has a way of making any activity that he teaches a fun experience for the kids. He is not at all hesitant to get down on the floor and participate in whatever game the kids are playing.

Ashleigh is a born teacher. She always has her lessons planned out perfectly for the day and is very sweet to the kids as she helps them understand the material. She is very keen in knowing when she should change the lesson to better fit the circumstance.

Audrey is a leader in making everyone at the school feel comfortable. She goes out on a limb to get to know the translators and makes a special effort to make each kid she is teaching feel important. She has a quiet dignity about her as she gives it her all each day with the kids.

The kids love Lindsey because they know that they will always learn something new with her. Lindsey is very good at adjusting her teaching to meet the specific grade she is teaching. She knows how to entertain the kids, while still helping them learn the intended material for the day.

These are just a few of the qualities of each of the teens in my group. It is impossible to accurately describe the feeling that these teens bring into this school each day. The children light up upon seeing them. It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to work with these teens and experience their dedication and love for these students.

Daniel Payne

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