Getting asked on a Date in India (3 Awkward Moments) - Emily

1. On the airplane on the way to Singapore I had some chocolate candies I was eating. I dropped one of them and couldn’t find it so I gave up on finding it. About forty-five minutes later Katie started complaining about how she was sitting on her “seatbelt” and how uncomfortable it was. She went to move the “seatbelt” and discovered it was not the seatbelt, but my chocolate candy. It was ALL over her black pants and all over the seat. I don’t know if any of you have ever been into a plane bathroom, but they are TINY! We went into the bathroom to scrub the chocolate off of her pants and couldn’t close the door. The flight attendant walked by and thought it was not normal that I was halfway out the door. She asked if we were okay, then gave me a disgusted look and quickly walked away when she saw me wiping brown stuff off of the butt of Kaite’s pants. Needless to say everytime I saw I saw that flight attendant the rest of the seven hour flight it was a little bit awkward. 2. When we were in Singapore we stopped at a building that had about fifty different little Chinese restaurants in it.  It is not the typical place I would stop to eat lunch, but I figured since I was in Singapore I would be tough and try it. I got two different types of chicken. The look of the food was a little bit unpleasant but I tried it since I didn’t want to be starving later on. I didn’t like one of the types of chicken so I decided I would try the kind that looked like Panda Express Orange Chicken. It was not Panda Express Orange Chicken. I found out it was a “Chicken Dumpling,” which is ground up chicken parts stuffed into a wrapper. This offset a LOT of gagging and it is still going on when ever chicken is mentioned. Heads up mom and dad I’m coming home a vegetarian!

3. On Wednesday the girls, Jeff and Cory went into town to shop. After I had paid for my things I was standing outside with Becca and Zoe. While we were standing there an Indian man came up to me and made a motion with his hands to his lips while saying a word that sounded like kiss. I turned to Becca freaking out that this random man was trying to kiss me. We couldn’t understand him and his next motion he did was towards his stomach. So Becca told me he wanted to buy me dinner. I asked him if that was what he wanted and he said yes. Then Jeff came to the rescue and informed us that no he wasn’t asking me for a kiss or a date but he was a beggar asking for money. Jeff told him he was a “Creepy little man, and it is time for you to leave. “ Well he didn’t. I sat down on the sidewalk with Marissa and he walked up right next to Marissa for his second attempt, while creepishly smiling and doing eyebrow motions. Jeff saved the day once again by placing himself between the “Homie” and the girls. As we left he made clicking noises and grabbed Marissa’s arm. I guess I can’t cross that one off the bucket list yet….

Mom and Dad I’m doing awesome! I’m safe and having the time of my life. I LOVE the people of India and their attitude towards life. They are so happy and loving towards you before they even know you! It is amazing!! Can’t wait to see you in 9 days! Love you!