Fun Fact of the Day

You can fit all of the above into your carry on bag and still have it weigh under 15 pounds.-camera, camera charger, I-pod and charger, first aid kit. Costco beef jerky, 1 1/2 lbs of juicy pear flavored jelly bellys. Tooth brush, more jelly bellys, make-up, journal, sketch book, bushel of pens, scriptures, 3 large books, two bags of bubble gum, glasses, wipes, Chapstick, hand sanitizer, water bottle, 47 fruit leathers, 2 combs, lice preventative spray, three headbands, handful of q-tips, lotion, tooth paste, 13 fruit snacks,baby jaw breakers, bit oh honeys, eyedrops, starbursts, 1/2 lb sunflower seeds, a buttload of trail mix, blanket, flashlight, malaria medication, Dramamine (thanks to James woods), contact stuff, deodorant (that's a must!), tissues, ear phones, a change of clothing AND last but not least my harmonica... Just in case you were wondering. ;) Dear India, are you ready for this? Sincerely Haley e.