From the Mountains of Tisa - Lachhi Thakur

My name is Lachhi Thakur and I am from Tisa in Himachal Pradesh. I am happy and excited to work with YMAD. I am very lucky to have this oppertunity. I have been learning english for the past year and I am catching on slowly. In todays world for me to be successful it is very important to learn english. Even tho I hesitate to share my ability to speak in english, I am trying very hard. If I learn english I can help my community improve their circumstances and their way of life.
I live in a very rural area with out any doctors or hospitals. I am learning how to help women deliver babies in the proper way. With these skills I can make sure that more babies actually live when they are born.
We are talking about YMAD all year long and look forward to seeing them when they come. We hope they will bring more young people from the US to continue helping our community. We look forward to the day when we can take them to our home to meet our parents and be able to speak english with them freely.