From Allison Ford

Dear Parents, I will keep this short and sweet.  I wanted to thank all of you for your beautiful children.  They are so kind and smart and such hard workers.  They work from morning until late afternoon and are completely exhausted when they get back.  They are changing the lives of these little kids.  They love it.  They all come back every night with incredible tales of success.  I love your kids they inspire me.  I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to see them in action, to spend time with them.  They have changed at least one life forever.

A quick note to the families of Jake, Brooke, Lauren Bowie and Scott,  I love the them they are incredible humans.  They are patient and awe inspiring.

Robert Baird is one of the most amazing people I know.  He works so hard and has great words of wisdom, we are all inspired by him.

To my family, I love you.  Thank you for all the support.