Four Deliveries… And One More To Go Tomorrow!

Joselyn Londer

After touring a local doctor’s small two level hospital I have quickly come to the realization that in America we are spoiled with luxury. The room that stood out the most in this tiny little hospital was the one marked “Endoscopy Room” scribbled on a piece of paper and posted on the door. The health care workers here are equipped with the bare minimum and yet they see patients. They only ask for what there patients are able to pay and all the while they have wide smiles on their faces.
I have now spent close to 7 days in Chamba, India and its surrounding rural towns and I have never been welcomed with such warmth and hospitality in my whole life. I never imagined people could live with such few possessions and yet be so joyful and passionate about life. Along with the help of Kelly I have taught clinics to midwives and health care workers on the ins and outs of resuscitating babies and preventing complications in the mothers following delivery. We have had an incredible show of women and have been so touched by how much they appreciate it and come from miles away just to attend. Following these clinics we have also been assessing all of the children in the orphanages... and sometimes every member of the village that decides to show up that day. Unfortunately, there is only so much two people can do and we have not been able to treat everyone there. It is quite heartbreaking but part of the reality of this type of humanitarian work.
I have loved every minute of my trip here and cannot wait to return (hopefully not before I have snagged myself a beautiful Indian man… they are gorgeous)! Also, the distinction between mommy and nurse has completely faded for every single YMAD kid. It’s alright, I still love them and their disgusting runs! For example, I have already been interrupted four times while writing this blog, three times for diarrhea cases and once for a nasty skin rash!!! Oh the joys of being in India with 17 high school students ☺