Forever is Composed of Nows - Keaton Walker

The first day we taught (Monday) Seemed like forever. And now, today seems to have flown by in seconds. This is because I’m becoming a better teacher, more accustomed to the schedule and more comfortable in my role—I can’t help but think that the poet who wrote “forever is composed of nows” time traveled to India and stood in my shoes. When I look back on the day, It’s not the tiredness that sticks out to me or even the multiple near-death experiences driving on the Indian roads. It’s the moments.

The girls acting out an Elephant body as they say “This Animal is So Fat!!” while trying to get Dave to guess

Or when Minu stops me mid-sentence: “Keaton Keaton! I fly to America and visit you!”

Or Asis: “Hi Keatin!! Hi Keatin!!”

Or one of my favorites so far: The girls saying, “Dance! Dance!” as our Tatas (transportation cars) blast Indian music after the lessons today.

Or the “classic” (shoutout to Jess)

“Hey you!

Listen to me!

You are my love!

Jauna to me!”

(Jauna is Bengali for “Show it”)

and finally, the warm feeling that fills the room where we eat lunch as we share stories from the day.

As Steve Lloyd says “You are changing these kids’ lives in ways you will never know.” I’m doing more for a good cause than I ever thought possible, and I won’t even know all of the effects.

I love it here!

-Keaton Walker


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