For my Family: Laura

We have been gone about a week now, and today is finally my turn to blog, which is probably a good thing! I have had a hard time adjusting, India is just so different than being home. I am doing much better now! I love my girls! So my group has the oldest girls so anywhere from 13-17. It really intimidated me at first because they already know so much! how was i going to teach girls my own age things they already know? but it has really worked out and i love them all so much. I love talking to them and learning things about them. Teaching is not my favorite hah but i love actually talking to them though, so going to nicco park will be so fun! Suparna is my favorite. her english isn’t amazing, but she is. Every time she sees me coming she reaches her arms out and makes a silly face at me, then she gives me a great big hug.  when she sees my across the room she winks and blows kisses. the second day i told her my favorite color was green and that i liked her nail polish, so she brought green nail polish the next day and painted my nails. Then today a few of my cute girls brought henna so they sat me down and put henna all over my hands. Suparna did one hand and wrote Suparna + Laura on my arm. Them Susminda another one of my little friends did this BEAUTIFUL design on my hand. Their henna is so beautiful here they are very artistic. There are beautiful designs everywhere, like on the walls and stairs. They do henna weird though, they draw it on then wash it off, but it still stains so well! like in America they just wait for it to dry and and fall off.

My village is umarpota, it is cool! i like learning about the culture. The only thing i don’t like is that all the older girls that work at the school only want to talk to us and hold our hands and take pictures all the time. Its not so fun when you are trying to teach.  I had a hard time with all the touching too, i felt awkward because i didn’t know any of them very well and its weird to hold hands with girls your own age and older, but now i am okay with it most of the time, hah but only from my favorite girls, the older girls in the village still make me feel a little awkward. Its funny that all of the people here love us so much, despite not even knowing who we really are.

So everyday at the day boarding school we say prayers with the girls and today when they were singing they started to sing come all ye faithful, but their own bengali version so we started to sing along and then mina, who is in charge, told us if we know it to sing. So we sang it in english. I guess that goes to show there is little bits of truth everywhere.

Well I am sure my family is reading this so i want you all to know how much i miss you!!! every night i just wish i could call you mom and talk to you all about it! but i know ill see you soon enough.I love you!!! and don’t let zane go snowboarding without me if it snows cuz no fair!!!! Dad, nick showed me that you favorited his tweet with me in it too, so i was happy to know you were thinking of me.