For Better or Worse - Robbie

Among the lack of driving laws, the ice cream toast, blogging is a first experience for me so read if you’d like but I would not be offended if you find a piece of paper or your hand to block this out while you read whatever else is on the blog page. Today has been the craziest day yet! We have had so many obstacles and problems arise that I am at awe I somehow got through it.  To start the day off, four of our bravest most valiant YMADers fell sick with something that I am grateful not to have. To make it even trickier is that three of them are in the Blue group (my group), so then we had to somehow figure out how to teach all five lessons with three teachers, it was so hectic! In the afternoon we went back to Day Boarding School and finished the path we have been making. It was a struggle and isn’t professional, but pretty close to it! For the rest of the teachers it was health day which meant sports, medical exams, vocabulary flashcards, and endless hokey-pokey from which I observed that it went down to even shaking your eyebrows all about which made me laugh on the spot. When we finally got back the guys had their night out shopping and just went crazy buying anything that looked somewhat cool, it was really fun but shopping in India comes at a constant threat to your life while dealing with the respiratory infection you know is setting in. Very much a headache for everyone involved, it was so exhausting! I am falling asleep while writing this and I am sure it is not amazing but India is and this experience is one I will never forget! I love it here and couldn’t pick a better place or a better group of people to spend two weeks of my life with! So much fun! Love you all and can’t wait to see you soon!