Flint is my Role Model

This trip has exceeded my expectations.  I really have no complaints other than the sass my Mamma gives me. I'm trying not to tell myself that I will never see these kids again.  They make me so happy.  I was teaching Feelings and Emotions Monday, and you have to pretend to be mad, sad, happy, etc. When I would say "show me your sad face" one cute girl named Homlata said "No... Happy!"  That really just shows how happy they are with the conditions they live in.  I can't explain it, it is impossible. My group is so easy to get along with. Marci is interestingly awesome but the best leader with the best hair. Nate is a stud and a model. Sarah Jane is my wife. Kayla (banana) is a Cookie Monster. Cynthia is the sweetest/nicest/most loving person ever. Danielle is dope socks.  My tent group is a bunch of kinky bros.  The food is unreal.  Holi was sick.  I have never been so happy to be away from technology and my everyday life.  I never worry about the time, my phone, or anything but the kids.  I've connected with this girl named Urmila.  I have too much to say about her. Talk to me personally about it. Peace.

Landen Longson