First World Problems. . . . . .from a Third World Country

Hey Moms and Dads!, Hope you enjoy the latest bunch of photos of your amazing teens.  We finally were able to figure out why our photo uploads kept failing.  The internet is sketchy at best and we discovered that we have a few teens "sneaking" on the wireless to face time or text home.  The system here is just not able to handle multiple users.   In order to get the most from their India experience we have continued to encourage the teens to "disconnect".  Please assist us by discouraging this kind of contact.  Power black outs and an internet connection that is little better than dial up are challenging enough.

Yesterday we had our service/work day and your teens were again amazing.  We were able to purchase and plant a garden that had been completely destroyed by this last seasons rains.  We were able to do in one day what would have been otherwise impossible to accomplish in a time for prime growing season.  Photos will follow as soon as possible.

Love you all and thanks for all your support!  Your kids are having the experience we hoped they would.

Jeff and Jane