First time in my village and happy

Things are going pretty great except still don’t have my personal bag…day 3. Still tired even if I do get good sleep. Hate cold showers so still getting used to that. I’ve had to go buy new clothes twice now in town. Still have not gotten a mosquito bite yet so that’s good. Though they bug the heck out me still. I like the food so far most all of it is really good. Today I went to my village for the first time. The kids were great as well as in the boarding school. I still have yet to teach though tomorrow we will see how it goes. During the village tours it was interesting to see how they live and to see their homes. All of the families gave us gave us food even though they do not have much and wanted us to take the extras everytime. The streets are crazy! People on bikes, motorcycles, cars, totos, and on foot all trying to get somewhere at the same time, weaving in and out of each others’ way. 10% chance that our bags come tomorrow and 50% that they come by the end of the week – just praying for them to come. I love the kids and cant wait till tomorrow. -Matthew