First Day of Teaching

Today was our first day teaching the village kids and the main day boarding school kids it was AMAZING the experience was unreal the kids are so happy and full of life we would play games with them and they would explode with energy the language barrier is a bit bigger than I had expected but I had the youngest kids so it makes sense but loved it all the same I also lost my voice as well with about an hour and a half left and I’m really feeling for all the the teachers back at home every time they said their throat is sore or something to that extent because it’s hard tough but it’s so worth it for these kids just the love and the joy happiness they bring to us.  The culture shock is real it’s not what i had expected but its there I got it yesterday and because of it I went to bed at 6 that doesn’t happen.  I’m already realizing that Monday is gonna be the worst thing ever which just makes ever moment with these kids even sweeter.

- Caden