First Day of School Success-Stewie

I thought I was an India veteran. I thought the “first day of school butterflies” would be a thing of the past. Walking to the school this morning I was as nervous as ever. The added stress of having the biggest school, no lessons and no supplies certainly didn’t help. We introduced ourselves and with the help of our translators we were up and running. My team was unstoppable. Armed with only a whiteboard and markers they quickly realized it was going to be a team day. Everyone stepped up to the plate to contribute ideas about how to make the lessons work or an educational game we could play. The children loved learning with songs and it was exciting to hear their voices. Talking to the teacher of the class, he called our teaching, “Very effective.” He has been teaching at the school for 14 years. I asked him which subject he enjoyed teaching the most and he said English. I asked him if he thought the children were enjoying the lessons and he said, “Isn’t it obvious?” Fair enough. Great work today from the #jibhiswag team. They made the best of a difficult situation.
Thanks for the successful day, Carolyn, Kip, Jessica, Isobel, Mallory and Sydney!