First Day in the Village Schools

It was magic driving from Nishtha to the rural village schools. We passed through the country side with fields of rice interlaced with patches of beautiful blue lilies. The fields were full of workers busy about their daily tasks of trying to stay alive. We passed a large irrigation canal full of people I thought were bathing. With a closer look I noticed they were fishing, herding fish to the bank and then scooping them up with nets fitted in a round bamboo frame. As we drove into the village we saw the product of the fisherman laid out on the side of the road, piles of fish, some still flopping around, laid out on banana leaves for sale.

The kids were greeted in the rural schools by beautiful girls ready to learn! Things seemed to start of a bit slow as our youth made their first introductions to the girls however once the ice was broken the laughs and giggles began to flow freely. I was amazed to see how well the work shops came off the first day! As I roamed around the schools I could hear kids laughing and singing, full of joy! I am sure they have never have had so much fun learning. I I know for a fact they have never seen so much fair colored skin and blond hair. Our teens learned quickly what would work and what wouldn't. I love how they adapt so fast. Most of the groups ran out of supplies the first day. It seems more kids showed up than we expected. We were able to fill in with games to complete the first day!
It was hot and humid! It seems like you are always dripping wet! We consumed a lot of water. In the evening it rained which cooled things down. I discovered a whole group of YMAD kids out side dancing in the rain. Yes they were soaked to the bone and having so much fun! It was a great day! Everyone is healthy, eating well and full of energy! We are off to a great start!