Fir Milengea (See you soon) Sarah Willes

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Today we said goodbye to our ashram boys. IT WAS SO SAD AND SO HARD. Even though we have only known these boys for a short period of time, those boys feel like little brothers. I will forever remember the many many rounds of “Ride ride ride that pony!” and “Hanky hanky!”. They always did know how to keep us laughing. We handed out hygiene kits and blankets to them and they looked like the happiest kids on the planet! A bar a soap is like gold for them. We painted a mural of a tree on one of the outside walls and they got to put their hands in paint and put them on the walls as the leaves. The mural looked so pretty! In Hindi next to the tree we wrote “See you soon”. (fir milengea) When we said goodbye the smallest little boy, Shankre, started crying and it was the saddest thing I have ever seen. Those boys will forever be in my heart. I love it here so so much. The other day our group sat on the roof and talked about what we were grateful for, and the only words that were going through my head were, “I don’t want YMAD to end”. It is a good thing that when we will travel back home it will take so long, because by the time I get to the SLC Airport all of the water will hopefully have been drained out of my eyes. (But don’t worry I do miss my cute family). Each day is an adventure, and even though I am exhausted it feels so good to know that you are helping people. I have gotten used to the crazy driving, the honking, the smells, and the mysterious food. Today a cow was just chilling in the road and it seemed normal. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow my wonderful family! I am so grateful for you Mom and all that you have taught me. Thank you Dad for setting such a good example for me. Thank you to both of you for letting me have this incredible experience. I cannot wait to show it to you. Thank you to all of my sibs for keeping me laughing and just being my best friends! Tell Mamoo and Boppy that I love them and they’re money that they helped me raise is making lots of kids here smile. I LOVE YOU. Make sure to eat lots of stuffing for me. Lots of love from the best place in the world,

Sarbear XOXO