Find me a smooth road! - Siera

  Well today we left Nishtha to come to Sunderban Tiger Camp! The roads here are honestly like off roading back at home, and on a bus it’s even worse. I can’t explain to you how bumpy our two and a half hour drive was. Sleep and writing in your journal was out of the question! Sunderbans has a fence around it and it’s in the middle of the jungle right along the Bay of Bengal. We are all staying in huts, which is really a one room structure with 5 beds. The air is finally clean! On our search for tigers today we found plenty of monkeys and they are so cute, but so fierce! Don’t make them mad or you’re in some serious trouble! The natives performed for us last night around a campfire and even taught us some of their dances! Some of us were so tired that we crashed at 7:45 p.m…. I was definitely one of the tired ones! It’s pretty here but the scenery everywhere is the exact same thing. A mountain would be nice! I’m loving it, but I am very excited and anxious to see my friends and family!