Fast Facts about Team Purple - Annie Hollowell

Team Members: Sam Strong


Emily Jane




Team Leader: Annie Hollowell

Translator: Krishna

Village: Bamangachi

Village School: Bamangachi Free Primary School

The Purple team had the rare and exciting opportunity to introduce the YMAD program to Bamangachi, a small village near Nishta. Bamangachi is a quaint village with wonderful people made up of farmers and “daily laborers”. It is a very poor community where no English is spoken.

The people of Bamangachi have the most kind and tender spirits. They welcomed each one of us with open arms and initiated the YMAD teens into their community and families with uniting ceremonies including blessing and offerings.

The children who attend the Bamangachi Free Primary School are “first-generation-learners”. Meaning, they are the first to attend school in their family and the only people-village wide- to have the opportunity to learn English.  Bamangachi F.P. School is made up of very young children ages 5- 8.  The children were all very eager to learn and caught on to the words, lessons and concepts quickly.

Your teens went above and beyond to make a good name for  YMAD in Bamangachi.

Sam was the team vacuum! As we toured the village, we were invited into many homes where they fed us unpleasant foods. Sam tried it all. Not only did he eat his fair share of the fixings, he ate mine too. And Zoe’s, and Emily’s and Hannah’s…

Zoe was awesome with the kids. She really knew how to get on their level (pun intended), teach a good lesson, and have a good time doing it. She was quick to invent new games when other teaching techniques were not working.

Hannah made it a goal to truly teach English and she did a good job doing just that. She made sure that everyone understood the proper pronunciation before moving on. Hannah was persistent- such a good quality to develop and use later in life.

Emily gets things done. She was definitely not afraid to take charge. Emily was the only teen to use the “time-out” mat, something we now regularly joke about. Emily did a great job documenting the progress we made in school and the fun we had on our village tours. I can’t wait to see all the silly pictures she captured!

There is no question that miss Jenna had a great time with the children in our village. She danced and sang her way through every lesson and it was obvious that the kids just loved her teaching style.

Taylor was such a great helper. I had him running around all the time and he never complained about it. I was so thankful that I could count on Taylor to help me carry bags and fetch things that had been forgotten.

Your teens were rockstars!