Sydney Bowen I knew this would be the trip of a lifetime with so many adventures and it sure is a good thing I was ready to roll with the punches.  Slowly the word got out that this was my first ever plane ride. Well plane rides.  Everyone thought I was crazy. But in all honesty, flying is the most amazing thing! I loved every single minute.  Not once did I get sick of it no matter the length…or even the flatulence. Yes people. The flatulence. Better believe I said it.  Right when I had found another quite comfortable way to sleep sprawled out on mine and Taylor’s trays, the chairs started coming back.  But that wasn’t what woke me.  Shortly after the minor disturbance, I found my whole face encompassed with a warm stench.  Now that was not something anyone would sleep through.  Thank goodness I had a chair between, but in all honesty, it didn’t do much.

Going on to the next adventure, once we arrived in New Delhi, we were in for a treat.  Like being in India was not a treat enough, the travel agency thought it would be kind to inform us that majority of our bags had not left San Fran.  So.  There we were in India.  And only twenty something out of the sixty something bags we had were with us.  Well.  Better believe that neither of mine were included in those twenty.  Welp.  Wasn’t worried till I realized I didn’t have a sheet to keep bugs away at night while I slept.  Don’t worry.  I found a solution….you can definitely fit two girls in one sleeping bag. So. That’s what we did.  Whatever keeps you warm right?

Lastly, lets discuss the fact that I am not sure why there are lanes on the roads in India. Its crazy enough when you are a native, but then add on the fact that the cars like to surround your car once they see blonde American girls….and yes the pics have already started.  THEN. Add traveling up in the Himalayas to make it even more adventurous. But it only adds to the amazing experience.  India is already my second home.  Keep you posted on the adventures to come.

Love you homies back in the good old 801!