Eyes Open by Nate Lawes

Hey Guys! I really do not have too much to say. Its hard to explain the torrent of emotions that are inside me right now. I’m sitting on a cold cement floor in an open air “gathering room” with a few homies chillin’ and doing henna. I have found I am fairly adept at the art of “mehindi”, although according to Raj, I’ve now lost my man-card because of it. But its frickin’ fun and the chicks dig it so Raj can go put that…..somewhere hehe. India is BEAUTIFUL. The geography, the people, the culture, everything. The chicken Tikka here is incredible, and I really don’t mind the food, its amazing. Concerning the kids, I feel like every time I see them, I give them more of myself and always leave with less of myself. I love my school orphans like my own kids and my ashram kids like my brothers. I sleep like a baby every night so that’s a plus. The spiders are the size of my palm so that is NOT a plus. Mom/Dad: it would be greatly appreciated if you could bring me 6 hard shell beef tacos from Taco Bell the airport, I love the Indian, but those sound incredible right now. I’m dreading the final goodbye to my orphans, I’ll be crying like a baby no doubt. See you all in a week!