Experience of a Lifetime: Belinda Davis

DSCF1286 Day 5 of our expedition, Day 4 in India, and Day 3 in the schools. I wake up to the sounds of the other girls getting ready, and chatting while doing so everyday. I am snuggled up in my mummy sleeping bag that I’m borrowing, nice and warm and I know the prospect of getting out of my sleeping bag involves being cold which I don’t enjoy. But then I rethink and realize that involved the prospect of me getting up, getting dressed, eating interesting looking food that tastes amazing as well as making the thirty minute stomach churning ride to the school where I teach these cute little kids that know pretty much no english, but I have been given the opportunity to be able to do so. After the 30 minute drive we take a 5-7 minute walk through the town where the school is located. We take a walk across a very sketchy bridge, and the first time my group walked across it we all almost had a panic attack, even with only go a few at a time. Then we walk through the town, passing shops, every single one of them with chips hanging off the door frame, and cows, dogs, and donkies just chillin’ everywhere. While walking there you have to watch your step as to make sure you don’t step in anyones, animal or human, crap. But as we walk into our school some of the kids are out sitting in front and when they see us they start to cheer, clap, and come give us high fives. Its the best feeling in the world when someone, especially someone that doesn’t really know you or any people like you light up so much when you walk into the room. Its the same way with the ashram boys. When we drive up we see their cute little faces poking out of the front gate just sends warmth rushing to your heart. When I walk through those gates I’m greeted with high fives, fist bumps, hand shakes, and namaste’s and just 30 cute boys surrounding me, with the biggest smiles that i have ever seen. They are crazy and wild and the amount of energy that they have are ridiculous. By the end of the first hour I am drained of all energy, but I keep going because I can’t stop, the happiness that I see keeps me going. They are the sweetest most polite boys you could ever meet. India is an incredible place. I am so grateful for this experience that I have been given. My life has already been forever changed. I don’t know how I am ever going to be able to say bye to the little kids that I teach and the little boys that I play with everyday. I still can’t believe that is now day 3 in the school and ashram. We will be in the schools 4 more days, and the ashrams 3 more days. I look forward to helping make their schools, and homes a better place. Tomorrow is friday, I can’t believe it! Oh and just a side note, there are things that only should be heard, said, and seen while in India. Oye! Welcome to India Belinda!