Experience of a Life Time by Belinda Davis

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Belinda’s Survival Guide to India

1. You hear a horn hug to you left side like there is no tomorrow because drivers will not slow down.

2. All Indian food looks weird, but it tastes awesome so eat it anyway.

3. Drink plenty of water, but never from the tap… Blech!

4. Along with drinking lots of water eat fiber or the threat of a tube up to the butt because very real.

5. Always have toilet paper on you because you will never find any in the bathrooms, only a water tap and a bucket… have fun, wash good!

6. First couple times you ride in a car your life will flash before you eyes after the 5th car ride you’ll be fine. The possibility of death won’t even phase you!

7. Don’t say I love you unless you are married or engaged to someone, it means something different in India than it does in the U.S.

8. There are spiders as big as your hands and they do make grown men scream. Note, when you go to kill them they are fast little boggarts.

9. Watch where you step because if you don’t you will step in poop, origin unknown.

10. Take lots of pictures because you will never want to forget the things you see.

11. Learn to not be surprised and never have expectations, anything and everything can happen at a moments notice.


Having now taught in my school for 5 days and been to my Ashram for 5 days I have come to love these kids like my little brothers and sisters. They look at life in a what that what happens in the future doesn’t matter. What matters is the here and now. They are happy with what they have because they know nothing better. They have a longing for learning that we don’t, back in the states. I am learning from these kids that to get most out of life you need to live in the moment and to not take for granted what you have because all that you have is there for a reason. Life is worth living even what you have nothing because you never have nothing. You always have something, even if it seems like it is nothing.

The kids in my school are super cute, but can be little punks at times. As well as the boys at my Ashram. At the school they call me “topu” which means “Chinese man”. And at the Ashram they call me “moite” and “Malinga”. Malinga doesn’t mean anything they just like saying it,  “moite” means “fat”. I am very curious as to why they call me that, but hey at least I got a nickname haha! At my Ashram the boys love to play so many games. Normally for the first half hour we give them a basketball, soccerball, and kickball to play with. We get a soccer game, basketball game, and a game of keep away going all at the same time with a couple boys having me chase them around the Ashram. Its utter chaos!! After the half hour is up for the last hour we play games together and their favorite is “hankie pankie” or “hankie hankie” which is down by the banks. It gets super competitive and being with them is just so much fun and make me so happy. Come this Tuesday its going to be so hard to say goodbye to the boys at the Ashram. And come this Wednesday day its going to be so hard to say goodbye to the kids at the school. I’ve come to love them all so much. This experience, has truly been an experience of a lifetime and I have no regrets because it has truly changed me for the better.