Every moment is one of a kind.

Andrea 2ndThere are no words to describe the experience I have had so far. Last night Dan Babe and Channy P. had me laughing so hard i was crying for and hour. I've been thrown into a tent wall and tickled to death  by Tanner. Chad and Natalie have been the best leaders to me, I honestly consider them second parents. Steven keeps my sass under control  and Jordyn Standage and I are connected at the hip. Emily P and Ashleigh are the best roommates, they just laugh at all of the dumb things I do. But my favorite thing of all are the kids. When we first took the beautiful hike up to the school, the kids were in lines reciting their prayers. Now when we come the teachers struggle to keep them in lines they are so excited to see us. When they finish they come and kiss our feet now we get hugs as well. They are slowly becoming comfortable with us and are learning who we are. Today when we approached the school some of the kids were leaning over the edge yelling, "Cookie! Cookie!". I couldn't help but get the chills. Some of the kids are so young and sweet. They just want to be loved. Most of the kids understand though and have found favorites  among  us. One in particular for me is Durga. She is ten years old and has beautiful eyes. She is one of the oldest and is very smart. She understands a lot for her age, and translates all the time for me. When i try and say things in Hindi she just laughs at me. From day one she would smile at me with this sparkle in her eyes and had my heart. Every group activity she is by my side. We just sit and say each other's names over and over again. Out of everyone I will be sad to say goodbye to her, but because of how smart she is I know she will be ok in the future.

The other thing that i have loved is the culture. For one thing, I love the way they drive! Their horn is a warning around every corner, they speed everywhere they go, and if you're in the way you better move quickly. As you drive along the winding roads, you can look down into the beautiful, deep green canyons. It kind of looks like our canyons but it's a different green, a deeper brighter green. Their houses are scattered all through the canyons, and are bright beautiful colors. Mostly red roofs and and turquoise buildings. The last thing about this place is their language. I don't understand anything they are saying but I'm picking up on the sounds they use. I find myself  saying english words with Hindi accents! Its a beautiful language and i would really like to learn it at some point.

Its been amazing so far, and i can't wait for the rest of the trip! Every day is a once in a lifetime experience, and every moment is one of a kind. I hope to keep making each moment count. I love you Mom and Dad but I never want to come home!

Andrea Cook