Every Moment Counts

Today was Easter Sunday. We took a hike up to a beautiful temple. It was quite the ride up to the base of the trail. We rode up as village teams, so I was with Steven, Jordyn, Brooke, Emily, and Tanner (Pink Team). Every time we are in the cars we bump to some serious jams(courtesy of Steven). Brooke and Emily are enchanting singers so they harmonize which makes it a killer time. The hike was quite treacherous, but the scene of the valley made all of our exertions soooooo worth it. Little matchbox houses were strewn about the bottom of the valley, and the mountains/clouds made for a perfect view. We took lots of pictures. We visited a Temple that was over 1,000 years old. It was a very serene landscape to sit and think for awhile. Then we took a journey to some old tree stumps where major posing took place, plus a little bit of planking. Then we sat in a group and expressed our gratitude for each other and the amazing experience we are having. It was a great bonding moment for our team. I won’t ever forget how special that was. Later we got to find a quiet place in the trees and read the letters from our parents. Let’s just say it was an enlightening moment for me. Mom and Dad I love you! It will be bittersweet for me to leave. I have come to love our Translator Deepika. I honestly consider her the sister I never had. I plan to find a way to have her come to America soon. I will miss the beautiful simplicity that surrounds us everywhere we go. I will miss the happiness and love that comes from the kids. I will miss the team that has become my family. I am going to miss the horns that honk at all hours of the day/night. But literally everything will be sad to leave, except the food. :)

Much love,

-Cookie <3