Every day is a new day...

I'm so grateful that everyday is a new day and holds the promise of a brighter future and the opportunity to learn and grow.  Today we got to visit each of the four village schools ( Jibhi, Kandi, Mihar and Thanah ) to present our cultural exchange of songs and dances.  The teens performances were very touching and seemed to really connect with the children in the schools.  It has been an amazing adventure to be here in India again.  I am so grateful for all of the love and support our team has received from everyone back home ( especially my family - yes, you know I consider all of you my family and you know who you are :)  and for all of the hard work,effort and sacrifices from our team this whole year and especially while we are here in India.  At times I feel like the program could run on autopilot and I can, and should, just sit back and watch with amazement.  I have come to believe that everything happens for a purpose, especially here in India. :) The quote I shared with the kids yesterday at the gratitude meeting is one of my favorite ancient proverbs - I saw it written on the wall of a school the first year I came to India and it has stuck with my since.  It goes like this "If wealth is lost, nothing is lost.  If health is lost, something is lost.  If character is lost, all is lost."

It has been an amazing journey to watch the true character of each individual on our expedition shine.  They have embraced the YMAD core values and are well prepared to continue making a BIG difference in the world for the rest of their lives!!  I will always cherish the time I have spent with them on this adventure.

Much love,