Ethan Darby - Kalsui School - It's the Best!!

Today we went to the schools again. My group go's to the school at Kalsui ( that's just a guess on spelling) and it is the best! The kids there know more English than any other school which makes teaching a breeze compared to what some of the other teams are going through. Plus the kids at our school go to the same ashram as us which gives us way more bonding time with them. My favorite kids are Praveem, who knows more English than our translator, Rafi who is maybe the cutest little kid ever, and Abishka who is sassier than anyone I have ever met. The kids are amazing but they tire us out more than anything else here and we rode on planes for 20+ hours so that's saying something. Today we played a spontaneous pick up game of keep away at the ashram that was ridiculous. The kids, amazing as they are, are not the only amazing thing here.  Chamba is one of the most diverse, culture infused, beautiful places on earth. Pictures do not do it justice but we take them anyway.  From the mix of donkeys, goats, and cars, to the extreme driving styles, to the run down but colorfully painted homes. It is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people. Then there's downtown Chamba but that's a whole different story.

To everyone back home Happy Thanksgiving! Its really weird that it's today. Hopefully the food was delicious and see everyone in two Mondays!

With Love