Ethan Darby- Blur of travel

Entry 2 -- As I write this cars whizz by the hotel room honking constantly. In India drivers honk more than they steer. In Chamba it was cool, here there are more cars and more horns and its a little wearisome. Today was a blur of travel. It started last night in the train station in Himachal Pradesh and ended at a hotel in Agra. Along the way we rode a "dirty" night train which was cleaner than everyone made it sound, except for the bathrooms which were truly nasty. There was like an inch of dirty water sloshing around on the floor with each "chugga chugga" of the train. They don't go "choo choo" nearly as often as you are led to believe as a child. After the train we got off at the Delhi station which leads me to my comments about Dehli. In Chamba I fell in love with India, with the culture, with the Orphans, and with the city. In Delhi there were no well behaved children to teach, no picturesque mountain villages, no traditional indian culture, and my camera died. All Delhi offered was smog, beggars, and new smells. But we got to ride a cool travel bus and try to catch up on any sleep we missed on the night train. Now we are in Agra and its better but its still smoggy. The plus side is today we just get to relax and chill in the hotel rooms. Its great to be able to talk about india, chamba, the orphans, and our lives at home. Most of all its great to be able to rest in a real bed and eat some good old American though slightly curried Pizza Hut and soon some McDonalds minus the cow. Indias been great! See everyone in a couple days ( I'm way to relaxed to be doing the math to figure out how many days)


-Ethan Darby