Espen Earl

Well, today has been my seconded day working in my villages and with the children, and I would like to say that the children that I have worked with are amazing. Not one thing that I have seen has been as I pictured it, Robert told use that everything in India will change and is not as you pictured it, and it is definitely true. The culture of India is drastically different from the United States, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the YMAD organization.
Today we started the day with a breakfast, which consists of rice, tortillas, and other food that I have no idea what they are, but it is all delicious! Once we finished breakfast, we met with our village team and headed out to our village. The drive out there was a new experience for me. The roads are not separated by a line divider, so cars, bikers, and motorcyclists are weaving around each other and racing to their destination, and they drive on the wrong side of the road! At the village we interacted with the children, played games, and helped further their education. The more time I spend with them the more I become connected with them, and see what great kids they are. I had the greatest time with them today playing games and being with them. They really are great kids, and I am excited to spend more time with them this week! We headed through out our village once our time with the children was up. It’s truly remarkable what people have to go through. I have seen circumstances that are devastating. They live in little shacks, some live on a dollar per day, and they are surrounded by polluted water with trash everywhere. After we talked to some of the people in the village we headed back home.
I am truly grateful to be here in India, it’s the afternoon right now in India, I am excited to finish the rest of my day, and to continue my adventure here in India.