Erin Goodman

Among all the things I’ve held here in India here is a list of my favorites!

1. -The hands of the little kids. I can’t even explain to you how freakin cute these kids are! I’m going to try to take some home!

2. -My camera, I love taking pictures and everything here is so beautiful. And I have taught these kids well, they are pro at taking pictures!

3. -A cricket bat! Turns out it’s not to easy!

4. -Limca!!!! Best drink ever!!!

5. -Dancing in Pinku’s car (that’s not really holding something but moving your hand nevertheless!)

6. -My Hena!!!!

7. -Indian food!

8. -All the rocks and grass I held to keep balance on our hike!

9. - The rocks we moved to build a bridge! (yeah we built a bridge no biggie!)

10. -And last but surely not least the letter from my parents! I love you guys!

So So pretty much this is the most amazing journey of my life and I really don’t want to leave! Everyday is the greatest day of my life!!!