Embracing India - by McKaylee Brooks


Every day while being in India  I feel like a dream has come true.  India is such a magnificent country. I just want to say to my family and friends that I have decided to stay here and I am not coming home. I absolutely love the people, food, places, himalayan mountains, festival, culture,  but especially my kids at our village schools and the blind and deaf school girls. The experiences I have gained from this expedition cannot even be expressed in words. You have to be in the moment of the event to truly understand.

The people of India are truly the nicest and generous people I have ever met. On Saturday at our village school called Nalani. Our teachers pulled us aside from teaching and gave us appreciation with Chai tea and these delicious cookies. On the streets of the market people waved at me. I waved back to the people and they gave me a smile that showed that I made their day. In this moment  it made me think of that even small acts of kindness like waving can make a difference in a persons day.

The India food is so delicious. Everyday from breakfast to dinner the food has been divine. I especially love the India bread with the curry and chicken. There is a a cookie here in India called the Bourbon. It is truly the greatest cookies I have ever tasted. 

In India the culture is so interesting. Driving on the streets in India is a moment that you sometimes have your life flash before your eyes. There are moments that cars come so close to hitting each other but barely pass by. I found it interesting that in India honking while driving is the universal sign. When driving around the curves in the himalayan mountains, saying hello to close friends and passing cars on the streets. Yesterday we got the opportunity to enter the Hindu Temple it was so beautiful. We even got offered sacrament that was sugar and holy water. 

The children at the village schools and the blind and deaf school girls. We arrive at the village schools early in the morning and come to smiling children waiting to be taught. I love how every morning the children at our school tell us good morning, and sing us a song in Hindi. Their is a girl at my village school named Jyoti she is a small little girl with dark black hair. Every morning she comes up to me and tells me I love you Didi. In Hindi that means big sister. She is like one of my own little sisters. The blind and deaf girls are so cute I was so intrigued of how smart they were and learned the lessons so well. It melts my heart that tomorrow I have to say goodbye to the children that I have grown to know and love more than I thought I would ever have. I watch the kids that have nothing and are so happy. This moment made me think that our possessions we own do not make happiness. 

I just wanted to end that India is such a great adventure from trying all the different dishes of food, meeting new people, the culture, climbing the himalayan mountains, but best of all teaching the kids at the village school and at the blind and deaf school. India is a place that seems scary to travel to but I haven’t regret any experience that I have done.