Elise Anderson

The mountain girls are incredible. They are the sweetest people I have ever met and they are so caring towards each other and to us. They have a deep desire to learn and their eyes get so big while we teach them to absorb as much information as they possibly can in this intense and fast-paced education program. While I was teaching the weather and seasons workshop with Sarah (we teach each workshop three times because we split the girls into three groups depending on their English level), we had to change the intensity of the material for each group but no matter what group it was, each girl longed for more. One girl, Dhani, wanted me to quiz her on all the months and seasons and would not let me stop until she had all of them perfect. This really stood out to me because I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who wanted to learn so badly. I feel like we take education for granted and aren’t truly grateful for the enormous blessing that it is in our lives. These girls showed all their courage by getting on a windy bus ride for five hours and threw up the whole way. They left their families and homes to come to a strange place to learn from strange people because they want to learn. Today we had all the girls write in their journals about a time they were brave and the girls I helped talk about their journey to come learn from us and they said they were so glad they came.

These girls truly inspire me to give them everything I can while I am still here. We only have two more days to impact their lives and my heart aches at the thought. Only two days to play, talk, teach, and just be with them. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be apart of such an important cause and I know this experience will make me a better person.