Egan Anderson

Working with the mountain girls has been awesome so far! It is a lot different than working with the little kids, because they have much longer attention spans. This makes it possible for us to work with them more intensively without having to play as many games in between lessons. The girls are in their late teens and early twenties, so they are really here because they want to be here. They aren’t here because it is convenient for them. We aren’t working in their school or orphanage where they have to be every day; they opted to ride in a bus for 4 hours through windy canyon roads to be here. This motivation is evident in the way they participate through the 7 hours of classes every day. They are excited to learn, they pay attention, and they seem to be retaining the information we have taught. There is such an excitement among the members of our team about these girls as well. Everybody is giving 100% to make this experience worth it for the girls, and we are excited to see what we can do in the next few days!