Easter Morning in Chamba

The YMAD team hiked up into the mountains to spend the night at a mountain retreat
for Easter.

There is very sparse internet. You will not see any blog post until Monday. Sorry!

Here is a little clip from an Email Robert sent me. I deleted the mushy stuff.

We are up at Mr Dhamis's resort with is family and all is going well. We all
crashed last night after a great dinner. The teens stayed around the camp fire
until after midnight. The Adults retired early. Most of us neeed the
rest! This morning we had a great breakfast with fry bread, killer
chick peas, fruit and home made plumb jam and fresh honey. I have
never seen teens consume so much. Some of the boys had over ten
pieces of fry bread. The setting is beautiful, overlooking the Sahoo river.
All of the trees are in full bloom.

A perfect Easter morning!

Posted by JoDee