Dylan Gillett

IMG_1665 First of all, I want to thank everyone that made it possible for me to come to India with YMAD, especially my Mom, YMAD leaders, and everyone that donated money to me. It has truly been an amazing experience, and continues to be. I LOVE INDIA, the people here are so nice and simple. Most of all, I love the kids at our school. I am teaching at a school in the village of Sahu. Sahu is about 30 minutes up a Canyon from where we are staying in Chamba. I am teaching at the school with Sandon, Sarah, Jamison, Kristen, Lauren, and Angela. I love these guys, and they are amazing to work with. We have been teaching for three days now and it has been so special. The school of Sahu is the biggest that YMAD is involved with at 57 students. We are so lucky to be able to reach such a big audience. Although, I believe I have learned so much more from these kids than they have learned from me these past three days. I don’t think I will ever be as strong, simple, and absolutely loving as these kids are. They have such difficult and unforgiving realities, yet they are so cheerful and positive. Without a thought, these children completely allowed us into their lives. With only being at the

Sahu school for three days, these kids are so tight with us. As soon as we see them they yell our names, high-five us, hug us, and just take us on. I also have never met any kids with such a learning ethic. They simply love to learn, and I am glad to have the opportunity to teach them. I simply can’t wait to spend more time with the school in Sahu, and also spend more time the entire Operation Roshni team. I truly have a new outlook on life just from these past few days, and I look forward for the days to come.