Duck Faces and Sass

I am having the time of my life with these cute little Indian kids! After the first day in Tracey’s school I told her that I would not be going to any others because I love those kids so much now! One little girl, Urmila is a serious sass ball! Every morning she sees me and says, “WOW!!!” And then makes this little scrunched up face at me. Can you say Indian sarcasm?? I taught another little girl, Godavri, how to make a duck face. I love being the intern because I get to spend my days doing stuff like this! After school yesterday I got to hang out with the translators and do henna. Zenia, our translator for Kandi, did my henna and she said, “What is your husband’s name, I will write it on your hand!” So I told her and spelled it for her, thinking she would write it in Hindi, but nope! My hand literally says “Phil”! And then she added a “K” for Katie! It is pretty awesome! So there you go Phil, sending my love on the palm of my hand from halfway around the world!

I love being the intern! I love standing back and observing the teens teach. Parents, your teens are truly remarkable. They are putting every ounce of energy, patience and love into making sure the children in India learn everything they can from YMAD being here. For the most part, I am sure everyone is showering, brushing their teeth and wearing deodorant, if that gives you some peace of mind. :) We have also had no major injuries or sicknesses. Everyone is staying happy and healthy, and I am sure we are going to have to end up dragging these kids out to get them to leave. I’ll probably have to be dragged out as well.

-Katie Dunn

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