Duck, Duck, DUCK!!!

Liz Bird

I never knew chaos could be so much fun!!!!

Today in Melah when we arrived we didn’t have any kids, but slowly kids started to trickle in. As soon as we got to our ashrum (which I am convinced is the best) we only had two children, who lived at the school we are teaching at. As Jatin (our translator) had suggested we went and got kids from the village to come and join us in our activities. We went into a school up the road, and after talking to the heads of their school they agreed to let their children come. Unknown at the time they were going to have 88 kids come to play at our ashrum. We were not prepared for that large amount of kids. So we got together and played duck, duck, goose (or how they play it duck, duck, DUCK). We finally got it organized to a point where we had stuff to teach them.

I am completely in love with a little girl in our ashrum, her name is Radha, she is one of the most amazing little girls i have ever met. She is so adorable and completely and utterly shy. She is starting to come out of her shell and she will grab my hand to walk with me. I have another love, his name is Deepanshu. He is also so shy and was so cute when we were playing the numbers game where you call out a number and you have to get into groups of that number. As soon as we started, Deepanshu started to come with me, by the end he was grabbing my shirt in the back and coming with me. At one point we had one too many so I was going to get out and loose but he would not let go of my shirt. I am so in love with all of these children. I am sure I am leaving my heart in Melah.

India wouldn’t be the same without...
Flies completely covering you and ALL of your things.
Getting within 1 inch of another vehicle while we are driving down the road.
The most amazingly gorgeous children that we get to teach.
Amazing food that is filled with amazing spices and flavor, and ice cream to die for.
Monkeys gathering in bunches on the side of the road.
Approximately 50 pot holes per square foot.
Stray cows, donkeys and monkeys instead of cats.

I am completely in constant awe here. I love it and never want to leave. I love India :)

Liz Bird