Home away from home! - Katie Craig

Today, we said goodbye to the girls. at the beginning of this trip I didn't think I would connect with any of the girls. But I was very very wrong...... the two girls that I fell in love with at the day boarding school are  Tulika and Rinku. Today it was really hard to say goodbye. I wanted the cry the whole time but if I would kind of start to cry Tulika would say "no cry" "no cry" then wipe the tears from my cheeks . Everyone told me that this was the hardest day of the trip, but I knew it would be hard but not this hard. I am so happy I got to be in their lives for a short while. But they definitely  changed me and I hope I changed them. I printed off some pictures of myself with Tulika and Rinku and gave them to them. They loved them! They gave me a ring,necklace and lots of mhendi tattoos!!  I had a lot of fun with them today! I got to just play with them for two hours!!! When we where getting ready to go we sang the girls our two songs (pretty pretty please)(one day) We all cried!! I lost it only once.....jk, more than that. Then we had them line up and my team got to pass out their school supplies, hygiene kits and  presents. Even though it was the hardest day of the trip, I wouldn't have changed it! Just kidding i would because i would just want to stay there and never leave them. I love India and want to stay with the girls forever.(mom/Dad) don't worry I am still coming home and don't have a child in my suitcase.........yet.. ;) Love you all!!! miss you all very much!!!!

love Katie Craig