Dominique Montoya

Ok, so from day one Kelly and Blake told us it would be hard to say goodbye... there would be crocodile tears... yada yada yada. Little did I know how much of an understatement it would really be... For the last week I have seen the most beautiful children grow closer to one another and closer to each of us. I’ve felt loved and needed and more at home with them than I sometimes feel with my own friends. They don’t judge and waking up every morning, knowing that as soon as 10:00 rolls around I get to hear “Good morning Di Die” and see them running down  some insanely steep and rocky  hill towards me with the biggest smile on their face, or have my camera stolen a million times and shuffled between them so that when I go back through their pictures, I see a million candid photos from the day of all of us laughing. I’m going to miss them more than I ever thought I could.... I do already. I can honestly say I left a piece of my heart in that school today. The hardest thing was saying goodbye and then having them come back though... My little man Jeet Ram who tells me every day “I’m you’re man!” stayed with me til the very moment we left and his older sister Dahni came back from the older school in Jibhi just to say goodbye. I’ll never forget them. They really made me want to be a better person, a better friend, and see the world through different eyes. Tonight will be just as hard saying goodbye to Supna, Sonika, Ankita and Shenu, our translators. So, to everyone back home..... let it be known I’ve fallen in love here over and over, and it’s a love thats going to last me a life time.