Dominique Montoya

India! Well this has most definitely been the experience of a lifetime! The whole trip didn’t even exactly feel real until our first day at Jibhi camp here in Banjar. Our first night here, I was roomed with Liz and Maddie in the little house next to the camp and we experience JUMANGI!!!! Within the first little while i managed to lose the one key we had to our deadbolt on our door and we had to climb in and out of the window all night before we could find the key in the morning. But, we, being the brilliant children we are, decided to use bobby pins to completely lock ourselves in the room to which moments after, Maddie went in the bathroom and comes out screaming and as the door swings open I see a spider the size of my entire hand on the mirror and it goes scurrying behind the mirror! I clawed my way out of those windows as fast as I could and was OUT of there, being the BIGGEST arachnaphobe in the world! When Craig finally came and killed it, i was in tears and it made it that much better that one of the local women came, took one look at the creature, started laughing and then proceeded to carry the spider away by the legs... ha yeah we all slept in teh same bed that night and I insisted on getting the side farthest from the wall and what I thought was farthest from the bugs but to my dismay I woke up at 4:30am and found that I had a tick burrowed in my back to which Craig, (again to my rescue!) had to spend half an hour digging out of my back in my aunt and uncle’s (Stacie and Dave) room while Dave snored very LOUDLY next to me, completely unaware of the entire procedure! Ha... always start with an adventure! Monday was the that day and from that first day til today I have not stopped falling in love with the kids in our school! we have about 30 kids that have a small school house of one room. We take them every day to a small green opening by their temple and teach them and play games. They have all strated calling us “Di Di” which is Hindi for Sister... it makes me sooo happy to see how much they’re connected with us. and we’ve all had a wonderful time in the town market, eating fried honey, shopping, doing henna on each other and getting each of us an outfil made and shopping for extremely cool Indian Jewelry! The locals are all soo cool and welcoming too. A group of us girls ran into this little old lady who asked us where we were staying and we all pointed to Raj. Ha... she looked sooo embarrassed and started laughing and said something in Hindi to Raj, who strated shaking his head and said “She thinks I’m Pimp!” ha... lots of great adventures, a beautiful morning hike this morning through the himalayas and then another day with our wonderful kids! I cant wait to come show everyone pictures of them, they’re such adorable little kids and each has such a unique, fun personality! Truly has been one of the best experiences of my life!