Dogs FUR DAAAYZ! -Mat Butterfield

To Whom it may concern.

Driving in India is nothing like it is in America, in America there are some really cool things that we do not have in India they are called stop signs, stop lights, signaling, lanes, and speed limits. They do however make up for this in other areas like honking, speeding, and driving like maniacs! Everyone just goes a million miles an hour and honks if things get in the way, no swerving and definitely no stopping. Also  the road is just littered with trash and more trash. Now I would like to address the title… I am not lying there really are ‘Dogs FUR DAAAAAAYZ!!!’ Here. The most disgusting, rabid, disease ridden mutts on the WHOLE PLANET!!! And they just CHILL IN THE FRIGGIN ROAD!!! Its cray cray! Seriously there are little packs of these things every 5 feat and I swear on everything that is good in the world that we hit one on the bus right to nishtha. THEY JUST STAND THERE EXPCTING YOU TO MOVE!!! Like, what the heck! Don’t they know aint nobody got time for that!

Ok. Really quickly I would like to address the day boarding school we went to. I talked to some kids that went last year and I asked them about their experience at the day boarding school and all they could say was “I cant explain it”…..and I was thinking “ you sir are an idiot! Just start at the beginning, you dumb idiot” but now that I’ve been there all I can say is…. I can’t explain.

Ps. one of the kids called me josh… I basically cried. And they know josh’s handshake and mine. So josh! You done good!!!!

Mathew Logan Butterfield